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Light and Airy Photo Presets

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Light and Airy Photo Presets

Michelle Nemis
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Do you spend hours in Lightroom editing your images?

Do you find it difficult to maintain style and consistency?

Do you constantly play around with temps, hues, and colours to achieve that creamy, muted, light and airy look?

You’ve asked and here it is! After years of editing, my secret to light and airy photos is using my own custom preset/filter and applying it to every photo creating a consistent, clean and bright look. Now, you can get access to the secret recipe too!

Speed up your editing time, create gorgeous, dreamy images in seconds, and have more time to do what you love – shooting!

This preset collection can be used within the free Lightroom app or the desktop version - instructions are included on how to do so. Lightroom for desktop requires a purchased subscription to use the software, whereas the mobile app is free to use.

Directions are straight forward and easy to use. Once you are ready to go, simply apply one of the Light and Airy Presets to a photo in Lightroom and then adjust the exposure, temperature, and hue accordingly. RAW images or phone images, it doesn't matter! Every photographer shoots differently. Minimal adjustments are required with these presets. For instance, you may only have to bump up the exposure!

Presets must be downloaded to a desktop or laptop and then transferred (via Airdrop or Dropbox) to your mobile device. The confirmation email after purchasing will include the downloadable files. Please check your spam folder.


11 custom presets for indoor and outdoor photos, shot via phone or DSLR

Includes 4 black and white presets and BONUS presets for hard or soft photos

Installation and Instructions for how to use

Quick editing (in seconds!) while achieving beautifully light, bright, and airy photos


Professional Photographers

Freelance Photographers



Business, Web Design, Social Media Strategizing, and Branding

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11 custom presets and an Installation Guide

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